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I am aware that there is danger in conflating seemingly contradictory studies. However, in my direct experience, taking early retirement, taking on new projects and having experiences that I would never have had if I had kept working has made me feel like a new person. To me, it was essential to retire while I was still in good health and had the energy and drive to take on other projects.

In meeting hundreds of other active retirees over the years, I have found that what makes for a happy retirement is getting out of your comfort zones , taking time to expand your universe and taking on new and exciting challenges.

Want To Live Longer? Retire Early

Reading between the lines, it seems logical that people who retire at any age without a plan for their time get bored to death. They derived their self-worth and most of their social interaction from work and never developed other interests. I am just a guy who retired at fifty and feels like he wants to live forever.

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Retirement gave me the freedom to be location independent and the time to pursue my dreams of seeing the world. All lives are a race against time, and in the end, time always wins. Knowing this gives me the motivation to expand my universe as wide as possible and cram as much living into life as I can. If you are considering or being forced into retirement you need to remember that you are not your job. To have a successful retirement, leave the office behind and concentrate on other facets of your identity. If all of your interests and most of your social interactions revolved around work, develop new relationships and use your new found freedom in productive ways.

Yes, a lot of people choose to go back to work after retirement, but with new jobs, new challenges, new attitudes, and hopefully more flexibility. The most important thing? Keep moving and stay engaged. I took early retirement in , sold everything I owned, and began traveling the world. Before that, I had lived a relatively ordinary American life, however at the age Jonathan Look Jr. They are not retiring they are refiring. Once we get past 50 our outlook on life changes. We are looking down the barrel of a much longer retirement on average then the generations before us.

So how are baby boomers filling their time? Alice Finn, from Powerhouse Assets, explains why smart women love to invest money for financial security. Money is not a goal in itself but a means to give you opportunity and choices says Finn. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a successful wealth management advisor, Finn shares proven strategies for women at all stages. Learn her five life-changing investing rules in her book, Smart Women Love Money. Tony Bradshaw wants us to learn how to have success with a mindset of the Millionaire choice.

By choosing to be a millionaire you will be pointing in the right direction. Together with great money management will ensure success for Retirement. How to make guaranteed profits with arbitrage opportunity is growing. There is now more and more self help information available on the web to assist you in finding arbitrage opportunity. Thanks to the internet, online retail platforms, social media, block chain technology and artificial intelligence there are many ways you can learn how to make guaranteed profits with arbitrage opportunity.

Prize winning writer, blogger and author, Kristin Johnson is on a campaign to make us beware of scams with tips for baby boomers on social media.

Feelings of Failure

Baby boomers make up 20 percent of the world's population and social media platforms are connecting us right across the world. Larry and Rita Borden explain the advantages of planning your holidays in retirement. Enjoy some great travel tips including finding a great airfare. Expert reveals the secrets to a winning investing formula. Investing opportunities are everywhere you just have to be open to them reveals investing guru of over 30 years experience and author, Graham Bibby.

Sometimes you win in the investing game and sometimes you learn. Having the correct mindset is paramount to give yourself the chance to recognize great investing opportunities. Now is the time to get your investing plans in place for the New Year. Plans need to be revisited for a variety of reasons. Many things can change on our bucket list, our health, our family situation and investing returns.

Too see how we are tracking we need to do an audit of our progress. Time to reflect and take a look back to assess your investing progress. Join Ann as she does a reflection on the investing guests on the Retire Well Retire Happy podcast for Enjoy some tips for the holidays from a keto diet expert. Dan Perryman, from the Keto Leader facebook group, has been low carb for 10 years. The health benefits of going low carb are revealed. Dan believes this is not just a diet but a way of life for a healthy retirement. Becky Kueker, International Speaker and Author, reveals why it helps to have humour for a successful retirement.

Becky shares how to find Purpose after a career in Retirement. According to Becky it is important to put yourself first after the life time of looking after everyone else. Kelly Roach is a coach that has experience in the trenches helping businesses grow. Kelly wants to share how to become unstoppable with your own business.

Protecting your future is why you need to start a side hustle for retirement. This is one strategy to learn to protect your retirment. This alone will save us from making costly investing mistakes. Times have changed and the old ways of investing will not necessarily work in modern days.

By putting a higher priority on managing risk will help protect our retirement savings for the long term. Roger Montgomery, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management talks about how to avoid overpriced stocks to guard your nest egg. Do it yourself, DIY, investors will have been watching the waning of the long bull market with concern. Is this the end of the anything goes up boom?

Now is the time to learn why value stocks will protect your money for retirement. Craig Cobb, otherwise known as Trader Cobb, wants us to get Cryptocurrency education and learn how to trade. Find out ways to make money out of this fourth asset class to stay ahead of the game. Craig has recorded a series of easy to follow videos on how to make money either way with trading cryptocurrencies. Large online stores have been built on the internet like Amazon.

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  • However the future belongs to companies building on the blockchain and we need to get a handle on this new technology. Learn how to avoid challenges to your wishes.

    Tears in Heaven

    Jules Haas, a New York-based Attorney talks about how to avoid challenges to your wishes. We like to think we have all our bases covered when it comes to our assets and how they will be dealt with when we pass. Today will we learn how to go about estate planning and writing your will. Over time our situation may change and we need to reflect those changes in our wishes to how we want our estate to be dealt with. Matt Ward found out early in life that he hated having an ordinary job.

    Matt learnt how to make money via eCommerce and has gone onto Angle Investing. Listen to Matt talk about the risks and rewards of Angle Investing. Matt also shares his passion of how to have a bigger and better life that will make a bigger impact through the Podcast show of Fringefm. It's a bold statement to make to say you are never going to retire.

    Neville Garnham believe that happiness is a choice we can make for retirement. Neville believes that if he stopped working and vegetated than he would surely die quickly. Keeping busy through working, mentoring, lecturing and volunteering is going to keep him happily busy for many year to come. Norm Pyle and wife Deb from Kneedeepinit, decided to retire to a life on purpose. Norm and Deb prove anything can be achieved when you focus on the end result. We are all living a lot longer and as Baby Boomers we face the prospect of caring for our parents as they age. What is the best strategy for taking care of our elderly parents, a question that more baby boomers are asking?

    This gives families an affordable housing option for seniors care that can also can provide favourable financial solutions for estate planning. We can't all live off social security so where is the other money from? Nobody wants to end up Old and Broke. So why are so many baby boomers falling into the poverty trap.

    Episode It Takes Courage. If you are in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out. Remember that all winners at one time were filled with doubt. Ann Nelson talks aobut how she went when it was time to venture outside her comfort zone in Retirement. Darryl Lyons came from humble beginngs and was always fascinated by money. What happens when you are 50 and homeless? Episode 91 Retire Well Retire Happy. Australian, Wendy Coe, talks with Ann about how poverty and homelessness is a trap for many women. This is a hard hitting episode that is a wake up call to all women.

    How to win in the stock market with inter market analysis. Part 2 of the Lane Mendelsohn interview talking about how to win in the stock market with inter market analysis. Lane says you can get the results you desire using the right tools for the job. Together with your game plan you will get confidence to become more competent at trading using quality trading software. Learn how to protect and grow the nest egg. Lane Mendelsohn from Vantage Point software wants us to learn how to protect and grow the nest egg.

    Do you have time on your side or are you only looking at the size of your nest egg now that you are close to retirement? Either way once you get your mind-set right then Vantage Point have tools based on artificial intelligence to use. Part 1. How to make money online. John Ratcliffe, a self taught share market trader, talks about how to make money online and becoming an Aussie expat in Argentina. Trading is one job that allows you to live anywhere in the world. Are you going to be re-fired or retired. Many of us find ourselves looking for a new job in our 50s or 60s and Kerry shares her stories on how to avoid getting stuck in the moment.

    Kerry Hannon, nationally recognized expert and strategist on career transitions, personal finance and retirement in the USA talks about how to prepare for the second act of your life. Kerry offers insights into how you can be prepared to face ageism in the workforce. How to travel with special dietary needs. Wendy Werneth, the Nomadic Vegan, reveals how to travel with special dietary needs. Wendy has travelled to countries and this episode this world traveller reveals her vegan travel trips.

    How to be on top of your finances at any time. We have all been down this investing path of holding onto stocks too long becasue we don't like taking a loss or want to admit we made a mistake. Russell Markham from VectorVest talks about how to be on top of your finances at any time. What everyone needs to know to become a successful expat. Episode 83 Retire Well Retire Happy. Therese Lafleche shares why immersion courses are the best way to learn a foreign language.

    World traveller and expat since the age of 16 Therese has compiled a video series on what everyone needs to know to become a successful expat. Learn how not to lose money. Paul Moore made money young and retired early. That was his first mistake retiring without a plan. He then went on and thought he was investing but learned the hard way the difference between investing and speculating.

    No todays show we learn how not to lose money and know why life can be so much better with a plan.

    Retire Happy Now!

    There is a surprising number of baby boomers are facing the problems with being a DINK, Double income no kids. Who's going to look after solo agers in old age? How to make the most of your redundancy package. Episode 80 Retire Well Retire Happy. A job for life is a thing of the past. Nina Mapson Bone from Beaumont People, a Sydney based specialist recruitment agency, shares her tips on how to make the most of your redundancy package and overcoming unconscious bias in the workforce to the over 50s. Learn how simple brain hacks can change your life.

    Episode 79 Retire Well Retire Happy. This is part 2 of a two part series on brain function and how it affects us all. How to slow down the aging process. Episode 78 Retire Well Retire Happy. Ani Wilson, a brain performance mastery coach, shares how to slow down the ageing process. This is part 1 of a two part series on brain function and how it affects us all. Ani suggests that you need to step outside your comfort zone to slow down the ageing process. Secrets to lead a happy life. Episode 77 Retire Well Retire Happy. Would you like to know about the secrets to lead a happy life?

    ShaEn Yeo has a masters in Applied Positive Psychology and believes that when you are down you just take the next step. How to keep the mind and body active in Retirement. Barbara Nielsen tells us how to keep the mind and body active in retirement.

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    Transitioning to retirement is one option to consider. Barbara talks about what you need to tick off before you retire? Politicians need to leave our retirement savings alone. The alarm bells are sounding and will hit the poorest retirees hardest. How to optimize our health from the inside out. Episode 74 Retire Well Retire Happy.

    A traumatic experience led Wade T. Lightheart, a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, down the path of helping individuals transform their digestive health, wellness and overall lives. In the search for answers to his failing health, Wade now shares his learnings on how to optimize our health from the inside out.

    Planning can advantage you in your golden years. Episode 73 Retire Well Retire Happy. Planning can advantage you in your golden years as people struggle with goverment red tape. Seek advice from experts in Elder Care for the best choices for your loved ones. How to Retire to a new country. Episode 72 Retire Well Retire Happy. A great way to fit into a new country is to start with volunteering and work your way up. Through a love of yoga Stephanie started teaching and found a new purpose of helping seniors.

    Learn how to set up simple positive cash flow. Episode 71 Retire Well Retire Happy. Lane Kawaoka is setting himself up to leave the rat race behind. Starting from a young age Lane rented out his house for a profit. This encouraged the purchase of several more homes. Lane now coachs, mentors and has become a Real Estate Entrepreneur doing joint venture deals with partners on apartment complexes.

    From Lane you will learn how to set up simple positive cash flow with Real Estate. How to make a great impression for the over 50s. Over 50 and looking for work? You will benefit from these practical tips for the job hunter from Mac Prichard, of Mac's List. Learn how to make a great impression for the over 50s. How to look forward to your retirement. Getting kids interested in money and how it works is the key to getting young ones financial future off on the right foot. Learn how a Stressed executive gained a better quality of life. Usually we start looking for something else when we are not happy with what we are currently doing.

    Learn how a stressed executive gained a better quality of life. Mark Podolsky's world changed when he learned how to make money with raw land deals. Do you suffer from the fear of missing out on life? Our lives have no limitations, except the ones you make says Les Brown.

    See a Problem?

    If you want to know how to achieve anything you want then you will need to realize that anything is possible to create the life of your dreams. The benefits of investing in Mobile Home Parks. Episode 66 Retire Well Retire Happy. Investing like life is a journey. You need to begin somewhere. It is often a case of trial and error to find what works best for you before finding your niche.